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Our Tennis in Schools program provides many students with their first experience of tennis. Regardless of age or skill level, tennis is a fantastic sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. Tennis will help develop a childs fundamental motor skills, coordinarion and is fun for students and teachers alike. Contact us to enquire about any of the school programs below.

Hot Shots Clinics

Hot Shots Clinics are younger children and incorporate lighter racquets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too fast to make learning tennis fun and easy. This means that children are able to start rallying and having fun right from their first lesson. Contact us if you would like us to attend your school to assist the phys-ed staff with a Hot Shots Tennis Clinic.


Before/After School Groups

Interested in getting tennis coaching at your school? We run tennis programs throughout the year at a number of schools. They are a convenient way to get tennis coaching on the school site and provide an ideal starting point for those kids keen on tennis but for finding it difficult to get to the tennis club. These programs are with the support of the school on a user pays system and recieve extremely positive feedback from children, parents and teachers.


PD Clinics for Teachers

Proffesional Development Clinics are a brilliant way for teachers to expand their skill and knowledge of the sport. Designed for Phys Ed staff this program will allow you to build on your knowledge of tennis drills, games and techniques and provide the confidence to share that knowledge with the students.


PE Studies Classes

Physical Education Studies classes are a central unit run in most high schools. Unfortunately a lot of staff don't have the skills or knowledge to provide tennis as an option in these classes so why not get Frontier Tennis Coaches in to run some of the classes for you? With experience in the WACE testing procedures and requirements we can make tennis a viable option for the students of your school. Contact Cameron for more information.


Indigenous Tennis in Schools

Whilest our Indigenous Tennis Program is inclusive for all students it is particularly designed to cater for indigenous students in schools accross the local area. With significant financial assistance availlable though Tennis West and other Government bodies it is a great opportunity to get your school involved. Contact Cameron for more information.



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