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          Private Lessons


Private lessons are designed to fast track progress with individualised attention to detail and technique. These lessons can be taken 1 on 1, or with a small group, and can be arranged by appointment at any venue. To book a time or to get more information, contact Cameron.


Lesson Prices:


60 Minutes    - $90.00

45 Minutes   -  $68.00

30 Minutes    - $45.00

           Group Lessons


Adult group lessons are a fun way to improve your skill, meet new people and above all enjoy yourself. These lessons are designed to integrate aspects of technique into a socialised and fun environment. There are some regular adult groups you can join to be a part of or you can form your own group with friends or family. For more information contact Cameron.


Group Lesson Price:


8 week term - $160.00


pay per week - $20.00

          Hitting Sessions

Hitting sessions are a great way to work on  your game with a quality hitting partner. Whilst there won't be any coaching advice it is a perfect environment to practice drills and match play. They are ideal for a player looking for a bit of extra practice or fitness to supplement their tennis regime at a reduced cost. To book a time or to get more information contact Cameron.



60 Minutes    - $45

8 week term  - $360



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