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EQUIPMENT- Rackets and Re-Stringing


We restring all types of racquets at Frontier Tennis. Using quality machines and the latest string technology you will be more than satisfied when choosing Frontier Tennis to restring your racquet. All styles are available:



  • Basic Nylon ($40)

  • Polyester ($40-$50)

  • Textured/Hexagonal ($40-$50)

  • Synthetic Gut ($40-$50)

  • Multifilament ($40-$50)

  • Hybrids ($35-$55)

  • Natural Gut ($60-$70)

  • Provide your own string ($25-$30)




At Frontier Tennis we exclusively stock Head tennis racquets and accessories such as replacement grips, over grips and vibration dampeners. We offer demo racquets across the range; for kids starting out, elite players, or social players to find the most suitable racquet. Our prices are competitive or we can point you in the right direction to the best local Head retailer.


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